Текст песни Common - Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)

Universal Mind Control
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Common
Альбом: Universal Mind Control
Длительность: 04:15
Рейтинг: 446
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Загрузил: IGM88


Come on Come on Come on Come one Come on girl lets Goooo (Kanye West) Hey baby (Chorus) Am I crazy Or was u giving me the eye (the eye) You said maybe (yea) Well you crazy Because I know I’m too fly I already know im too fly (too fly) X3 Yeah I know what cha like. (Common) Right now I’m off the wine (wine) we can take our time (time) So much I want to punch feel the bump when we grind My uh in is ya body My uh is in ya mind Check my dictionary That ass is so defined It slippery when its wet girl I can read the signs I knocked and I knocked (uh) can I come inside I knocked and I knocked girl can I come inside I feel like its home when I’m in between ya thighs It’s the joy, and the pain, and the bites and the brain What make it feel so good That type of stuff u cant explain I do what I do to do to make it rain U got the invite tonight And I’m so glad ya came Cuz you the type of dame to be game and yell Mic check like the way I begin my show { From: } Girl I come from chi-ca-so in I go Turn around its about to be a TKO (Chorus) Some call me COM (COM) Some call me the red (RED) U can call me daddy, I’ma put ya to bed An appetite for seduction And it gotta be fed Your sexual eruption got ya hitting ya head On the board And knock and screaming, oh lord We exchange like students cuz I study abroad And listen to ya body and low key partyin’ And I keep pushing and pushing you pump the volume up We the type to make lovin and we up We take a ride down south cuz u need to re-up Girl u call me big bank like I was saving it up I’m the doctor I can hold it till my patients is up I make, I make I make you hot baby I know I know I know yo spot baby When we do it like we don’t want it to end Its 3 PM we gon do it again. (Chorus) (X 2) Come on girl lets go To distant lands unknown We can fly on air If love is everywhere, For you and me (Chorus)
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