Текст песни ONYX - Purse Snatchaz

All We Got Iz Us
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ONYX
Альбом: All We Got Iz Us
Длительность: 04:08
Рейтинг: 7473
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


[Chorus: Greg Valentine] There's no sunshine in the city That's the way it's going down People kill and people dyin Every time I turn around There's no sunshine... [Sticky Fingaz] I roll wit purse snatchaz, the villains, and trespassers Criminalist, and parole violators I raidin wit regulators, invaded the instigators Passed the procrastinators, rolled on retaliators Roamin at home wit burglars, party wit murderers Scandal big reelers, I sell coke to dope dealers Ask the stash dealers, so rash the gat peelers The time behind bars, ridin in stolen cars Forty deuce six, posin hard, rollin large Big pockets that pay, pistol black is big smackers Back up the ally, attack us, waitin for the crackers Smugglers, muggers, in the gutters wit ruck cutters Runnin up on niggas for butter lovers, or whatever Can't take it for hoppers cockers, by watchin cops and robbers But kid it's, kinda fittest, quit this, money get this For beaters wit heaters to bleed us, and speed us, and 2 seaters Crime essence and crime confessions, yea pure precious My guess is good as yours, while niggas be takin draws Rapers and zipper rippers, take rappers and over actors Bottle throwers, the buddha rollers I roll wit cigar smoke flowers Boilers wit playas, slashes bashes Mercedes Always solicit, and pullin out on project business Schemin and scandalous, the dreamers and pan handlers Ready to run up in Rockefeller, put the glock in the teller And tell the bitch to give the money, and hurry up [Chorus] [Sonsee] To me, USG livin, is one gigantic ring of concealin Double dealin, drug fiendin, sellin and schemin On the next beam, fleein from the cops, caught wit beings Illegal operatin, law violatin and death escalatin We all need our dollars straighten, bro we can't be toleratin Man that's frustratin, that's why we be demonstratin How we be law breakin, cash takin, drug jugglin Hand to hand, stand and lookout, money struck out to keep 'em strugglin Embezzlin, extortin, man slaughter and assaultin Mass shootin, slugs stabbin, gangs feudin and females boostin For child supportin, or self done abortion Everything costin, we all lustin for this fortune So we'll still be rowdy and riotin and lookin Every group and, until we see some more improvin It'll be mad human deliciously, can't completion Cuz every day is killin season [Chorus] [Sticky Fingaz] I pledge allegiance to the street and blame God For the creation of this pitiful Earth, that's filled wit temptation Birth was my invitation, death will be initiation Now I just got a probation, so wish me congratulation But I'm under investigation, for psychic evaluation Facin incarceration, and isolation over the color discrimination So I need the participation the Caucasian assassination Time is wastin, it's a Sticky situation Tryin to stop a reproduction, to come off a population And there's no exaggeration, so whoever in an association Wit the nigga retaliation that needs a total cooperation When hours of desperation, on for ya information A confrontation will be fought by the younger generation Cuz we got determination, all we need is organization So I use my concentration wit a Jim Crow education Cuz history repeats itself, ya destination ya plantation All come as loud as nation, that builds upon a communication And then without a explanation, a hesitation, we have a reservation To elite from a tree my decorations So because of these altercations, we need to make some me duration's That's being the manipulation of this God damn nation And witness how the warn indication, so it's the end of ya conversation
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