Текст песни Mic The Microphone ft. The Living Tombstone - Sonic Rhyme-Boom (The Living Tombstone Remix)

Tombstone Remixes
Жанр: Drum'n'Bass / Breakbeat / Electronic Rock
Исполнитель: The Living Tombstone ft. Mic The Microphone
Альбом: Tombstone Remixes
Длительность: 04:23
Рейтинг: 612
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Antlion89


These ponies all fillin' up inside of me Just look up and see Those Rainclouds fillin' sky Fillin' ya eyes makin' ya cry Like Pinkie Pie's birthday; Worst day of her life Friends goin' and actin' the fool (WHAT!) Pushin' Pinkie Pie outta the loop (WHAT!) Was so inhumane causin' her that pain that they drove that filly insane now People say I'm a little too old for this "Hey man that show's for kids!" Well I don't care go ahead and talk your bit Talk your shit Cause I don't hear nothin' of it Ponies walkin' up down the block gettin' at me Tryin be Makin' real their fantasy But these bronies be plain to see They're on the verge of fuckin' insanity! Man I really hate to say it (OUT LOUD) But now I'm gonna yell it (I'M PROUD) To be a Bronie chillin' with my homies Sittin' on the couch watchin My Little Pony Blank Flanks likes a champ cutie mark crusaders Big Macin' on all ya'll CMC Haters Scootaloo; Applebloom Sweetie Belle on top Gonna get their cutie marks never gonna stop Go rockin' that dress like a Rarity Tank Don't know what I do? Better check the Flank Talkin' art of the dress I'm fashionista Two tickets to the ball from Trollestia Trapped on the moon like a Lunar God Only wanted SOME attention, not a fuckin lot Come back from the moon 1000 years, and then I say I'm sorry? Some bronies be takin' the shot makin' it hot But bronies be makin' the slop goin' "That fanfic makes me wanna CLOP. :3c" Gotta have the audacity to clash with me Better pony: Applejack or Rarity? It has to be a tragedy MAN MOTHER FUCKIN' FLUTTERSHY'S SCARIN' ME Twilight got me under a spell You know it well Friendship fillin' up inside When my rage gets higher, Mane on fire Fools better run and hide Manticore, Ghosties, Ursa Major Pinkie Pie Cupcakes addin' to the flavor Savin' Ponyville such a grand endeavor Elements of Harmony bringin' about the Saviours Mic bringin' the the ponies I'm flippin' out for Dressed fly walkin' down the aisles at the toy store No Transformers, No Star Wars Got the force pullin' me to the pink floors Pinkie Pie, Twi', 'Shy, AJ, way more Ponies than I thought, freakout, mind's blown Grabbin' like a clepto, now I'm on a roll payin' at the self check out now here we go I got lazy rhymes? This ain't lazy town This Ponyville, Hottest mares around Breakin' ya sound, shakin' the ground Don't go messin' with the butch one, she'll take you down Her moves blowin' up big; Panasonic Rainboom Haters are doomed, haters'll swoon Head turnin' every time that she enters a room Hey! Even got the Wonderbolts kissin' the flank too She can't be stopped, bringing the storm, Clouds bangin' and they groovin' leavin' everbody cryin' in ruin Givin' em Dash Makin' a flash Skies boomin' stormin' up clouds brewin' like a Pinkie Pie Bash Parasprite invasion hazin chillin' in the orchard lazin' grazin' Smiles forever Sonic Rainboom makin' This pony friendship's amazin' Some bronies just lose their minds Talkin' 'bout their waifus all the time Walkin' the trot, eyein' the plot Yellin' at em all to STOP! Stop playin' like a silly pone She's never gonna greet you when you're home Never gonna shout out, huff or moan My bronies cryin' out: "FOREVER ALONE" Gonna slow it down Take my time Don't gotta talk fast just to rhyme Pacin'myself never gonna rush Iron Pony winner? Man, what's the fuss? Fighting for the lead; playin' all these tricks Pullin' all these pranks out just for kicks I'm
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