Текст песни Juicy J - Like Me (feat. Los)

Kick Back Relaxxx
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Juicy J
Альбом: Kick Back Relaxxx
Длительность: 03:48
Рейтинг: 279
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: bo4ugova


[Hook: Los] See a nigga like me? I'm on my shit, I'm on my shit See a nigga like you? You on my dick, you on my dick See a nigga like me? I don't know nothin' 'bout nothin' Homie, I'm just gettin' to the paper See a nigga like you? Doin' a bunch of motherfuckin' frontin' Otherwise known as a hater Like me... Glad I'm a nigga like me... Me... glad I'm a nigga like me... Me... glad I'm a nigga like me... Me... glad I'm a nigga like me... [Verse 1: Los] King - candy paint the gold drop Hop out, chicks be all on my dick Drop 'bout 50 large on my wrist Rock it while I run a quick menage with your bitch Hold up - roll up, watchin' bitches fuckin' the pole up On the other hand, probably rubber banding my dough up Slow up, I tell a bad bitch "pour up" And we gon' get it crackin' as soon as she call a hoe up True, they ain't fuckin' with your broke ass See these poor-ass niggas? You straight up out, low cash Lookout, I'm a boss you a lookout Paper plates on my grill like my car is a cookout Took out a bunch of money, I'm a baller Borrow you bitch and give her back, and niggas never call her Call her a hoe, she'll probably answer to it Bands'll make her dance and she's probably dancing to it Like work, work - shirt, skirt All over the floor, man, I'm all over your whore We all over the board, we scorin' Jordans on the foreign, probably uniform, flight, bumpin' Lauren You ain't doin' what I'm doin', I be on I'm beyond all you niggas, I'm a king, you a pawn You are pawning your rings 'cause I'm on You arranging a storm, and the storm is coming, be warned, calm De fuck down, punks jump up then get beat the fuck down This beef's been cut down to the minimum, bend 'em up A few million, nigga what? Bigger trust Fast cars, my last bars out of this world like NASA See a nigga like you? Just mad 'cause I'm rappin' my ass off [Hook] [Verse 2: Juicy J] I get high every day - wake and bake Get me high, bitch, get me elevated Pop mea molly then I fuck her face I just lit a hundred straight All my trees be smokin' great In a blunt or in a pape You ain't talkin' cash, need to translate You chick is part of my fanbase Sippin' syrup - Freaky bitch gon' make it work when she make it twerk I'm in my car, I gotta swerve Trying not to hit the fuckin' curb These niggas think it's easy I make that shit look easy I seen a hoe from TV And I fucked a hoe from TV Smoke one when you see me I hustle every season Ballin' and I'm stuntin', hoe Call me Willie B, man Got a fine bitch that be singin' When I'm in the Lam', that's what she be fiendin' Shut up all the talkin', hoe, drink the semen Gettin' money like Ross and I always stay schemin' I could sell some water to a fire In the mall parking lot, doin' doughnuts, burnin' Yokohama tires Nigga, get you some money Quit tryna count mine Ray Charles swag, I can count money blind [Hook]
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