Текст песни Mobb Deep - Handcuffs

Жанр: East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Mobb Deep
Альбом: Infamy
Длительность: 03:34
Рейтинг: 1181
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: NeoNY


[Havoc] Girl I know you love a thug be wildin' Smack flames out a nigga and I got you smilin' The way I cut a nigga every which way but loose A blood stained Gucci suit will be the proof Laid back cat but I love to chill Love a freak in a thong with a ? full of ? Said you went to catholic school and that's cool Let me see you throw the suit on With no interruptions, ma turn the cell off Start for the touchin' And I'm sick with the candle A fatty, ain't nothin' that a nigga can't handle I been through it It's a first time for everything, settin you free And I feel you your man ain't lettin' you breathe You a dime from your face to your navel Your man better wake the fuck up and let you out of that stable Used to think like that until I thought ? shoe on the other foot and I got ? Stay home, cook and clean like she the boss Hell no nigga, not while I'm up in New York She gonna do what she want, flirt when she want, fuck who she want Then nigga It's a wrap You like 'No she won't', but yes she will Chick might as well have Big comin' out of jail [Chorus X4] I got them keys to those handcuffs (handcuffs) Wanna be free throw your hands up (wanna be free) [Havoc] My niggas in NY know the game Bitch front, she gettin' out on the shoulder lane It's 3 in the mornin', why you think you came Should've stayed where you was, I don't play those games Ring on the finger, fatty off the meter There's only one thing that this shit could lead to The reaction, your mind'll crack And put my mans on if it's poppin' Bitch you laughin'? Everything that I spit is real And everything on your inside you scared to tell The word creep, "no" ring a bell Girl I know the situation all too well I'ma keep it gangsta, rep the 'bout Lady caught on, so I had to bounce With bleach in the crib, all my clothes got doused That's when a nigga knew I had to get out Know what you're goin' through, been there before Relationships now, it's like they got these laws Girl all you wanna do is just be free And that's why a nigga like me got these keys [Chorus X4]
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