Текст песни Capone ft. N.O.R.E. ft. The LOX - Bleeding From The Mouth

In Too Deep OST / На Дне Бездны Саундтрек
Жанр: R'n'B / Rap / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Capone ft. N.O.R.E. ft. The LOX
Альбом: In Too Deep OST / На Дне Бездны Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:25
Рейтинг: 1658
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Загрузил: dkey9


Intro: Trackmasters nigga L.O.X, CNN Verse 1: [capone] I been through, Runnin' from cops, Eatin' beef on the corner Been through cold cells Thug in the bench, Till that was former I been put the mack upon ya Look faget Turn around to shshshsh, to shoot fagets I been a star Since pat benetar Cnn, lox the type of shit that have you fleein' a rock I been put the key in a lock Who got a song, hot a capone And nore got the benz, first day home I been beat niggas, piss spittin' on hoes Thinkin' they too good for hood niggas Been in my zone Been in chance since larry holmes (? ) And in a forthbuilding, Been had 'em rappin' the street Caught 'em wide over y.o, first felony So I ain't bought a m ching ching What is you tellin' me Verse 2: [noreaga] Yo, yo I got guns, guns Mad f**kin' guns, ha I had them hundreds when you had them little ones, ha But f**k that, live niggas, iraq And you can catch me with a teletubbie Holdin' my gat Yo, I'm a soldier, what You a soldier, nigga infect A wow, niggas from suddenly just settin' a trap I murder you, the niggas fiend Just fiend to attack You shut the tunnel down twice like militant nice We at the club tonight, nore yo Please be nice I bought the bar out Crystal, no glass, no ice I drink it straight from the bottle, When I spit on a ho Ayyo, you punked that bitch Now I piss on a ho Melvin flynt, exclusive new shit You better tell you heard 'em on this trackmas-shit Chorus: [jadakiss] Yo, yo, Nore keep the gunners in crack To get you in style [noreaga] L.o.x, cnn, y.o. to iraq [jadakiss] Luxury cars, twenty thous, Thugged out the bar [noreaga] House on the hill And my niggas flowin' for real [jadakiss] Star in the hood When niggas go to war we good We just thugged out hustlers It's on the hood We the deepest niggas out [noreaga] The streetest niggas out [jadakiss] L.o.x and cnn And leave you bleedin' from your mouth Verse 3: [jadakiss] I learned at a young age Not to ride with dummies I won't die for they man But I die for money [styles paniro] And if the lox get rich We gon devide the money Were we from we stay live And survivin' hungry [jadakiss] And don't pass me a blunt Cause you could pass me a gun [styles paniro] And you can have that pretty bitch, Right after I cum [jadakiss] And you can front and keep your watch We go punch your long [styles paniro] L.o.x style [jadakiss] Cocksucker [styles paniro] Dump and we run [jadakiss] All our dogs up in the slums [styles paniro] Pumpin' they jumps [jadakiss] Holdin' they pits [styles paniro] Lightin' blunts Loadin' they shit [jadakiss] And niggas can't understand, That we married the street And we felt like we were cheatin' We ain't carryin' our heat [styles paniro] And we don't like holdin' nothing But we carry a beat Hopin' them stay strong [jadakiss] And they can carry the grieve You break bread with a thief [styles paniro] And then you scarry to sleep [jadakiss] And we don't try to bury you [styles paniro & jadakiss] We try to bury a jeep Chorus: Outro: [noreaga] What What What, what, what What What What, what, what
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