Текст песни Mobb Deep - Can't Get Enough Of It (feat. General G)

Hell On Earth
Жанр: Hardcore Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Mobb Deep
Альбом: Hell On Earth
Длительность: 04:52
Рейтинг: 2045
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: NeoNY


[Havoc] QBC About to take over, your area! YO Left to right protect the life, guard my castle When goin at you, take it to the gats if I have to It's the hassle, jealous thugs I suppose squeeze turn that ass to Swiss cheese, leave permanent holes And to them hoes, you know how it go, no dough Cause they subject to wakin with cash and go crazy Yeah they bangin baby Havoc representin for them niggaz that don't trick, ladyless, just associates Appropriate, no doubt, but bust it I love this rap shit got me fillin mad clips perhaps it's them fake rappers, but they damn good actors From population, through the math I subtract them You hear no laughter, QBC the thug factor You niggaz ain't worth the punch, back snatch ya Pitbull attack ya, and half snap ya Kodak moments I capture, like an escaped convict, Pearl Harbor, bomb shit Handle B-I, on some calm shit [General G] I can't get enough of it, the rough shit, grenade lyrics My appearance is thug, rap slug ritual For every dollar gotta nigga's blood chiseled, the slug sizzle Pistol-whip tight, night monopoly Four 380's in the prophecy, the bigger I got Handle B-I, smoke a C-I, snuff a C-O Can't You See, I'm the Total, vocals is low blow Barely soldierable reinformed the man from Nahwan (Nahwan!) Toe to toe complex the next expert, who's in control? Episode, ya can't control your fascination Hell is the name, two guns that look the same Frame of thought change, first we live then we abort Cloth Polo Sport, catch a nigga on his sports Talk back I'll leave ya jacked, rap format, I'm hostile Wild out for snakeness equals foul General G, blowin Dutches in the train Chorus: Mobb Deep Yo the NYC, M-O-B-B thug shit (and that's my shit!) I can't get enough of it Either fuck with it, or don't fuck with it Catch us in a middle of the crowd crazily bent When my cats attack you got your knot split, aiyyo I can't get enough of it Either fuck with it, or don't fuck with it Catch us in a middle of the crowd crazily bent When my cats attack you got your knot split We out to win and that's it! We out to win it like this! [Prodigy] It's like this kid, aiyyo We shut it down like the news and blast like fresh tecs out the box, we outbox, get suplexed Take notes nigga, best check the index Look over anything that you might've missed You overlooked the part with some unified terrorists Pirates, straight off the ship, and mad starvin Anchored to land and now we runnin wild poundin on imbecile niggaz who ain't got they feet grounded Precise, astonishin shots split ya skin's top We sent pops, catch you from two blocks Don't run up on you chargin, with hot shit, he felt it, alarmin Shockin, surprisin shit, left you crawlin Dangerous, umm, and ready to rock This man's hot, your flesh start to boilin hot Rhymes solid like a lead pipe, that bleeds your knot Knot headed niggaz get knocked out a lot Kick down your chain-locked door, we raise spot My clique got a deadbolt lock, you rather not Duke Stormin through the crowd, hard to see, comin through (Watch out, watch out, watch out, comin through comin through kid) Spill my over-proof is drippin from my temple Lay on the wall and watch all y'all You can't injure a ninja who crept and took fall Surrounded by crime cats, time for tap jaws Leave red stains on clothes, carpets and floors Word up [Havoc] Aiyyo we bang like the Tunnel and jam like broke gats One hundred and oh, nigga go check the stats QB, yeah that name hold weight and ring bells All you niggaz Shook and It Ain't Hard To Tell Major clientele, the Infamous cartel Catch a buck fifty, them stars we scar well Hard luck, got gassed up and starstruck Then got stuck in one stroke, the Mobb
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