Текст песни Jimmy Lavalle ft. Mark Kozelek - 1936

Perils From The Sea
Жанр: Electronic / Electropop
Исполнитель: Mark Kozelek ft. Jimmy Lavalle
Альбом: Perils From The Sea
Длительность: 05:10
Рейтинг: 391
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Загрузил: ECT


I stole a dime from my mother's drawer The one her father gave her just before the war Kids are fucking pricks, 1936 I return my book and sold it to someone Bought a bag of weed for $7.14 Split her up with my girl and laid down under the trees Looking up at the squirrels, jumping branch to branch Fell asleep in the dirt and a trail of army ants But it must have been winter, my mom was cleaning up Heard her in her bedroom, all broken up I hurried to the door, she cried there softly more She turned her armoire over, the ??? was gone Sat down on the floor, I held her so close That little silver coin was all she had to show For her father's love and the time they had Before he held her last time, never came back Must have been spring when I'd finally woken up Got her out of bed all choken up I just wanted to die, "For Christ, it was me." Stupid little punk, maybe 14 Head was a foggy grey, a clouded ??? Oh what luck I found when the neighbors chimed in I sat my mother down, I held her and we wept One day I'll find it Mom, by god I will 1993, down in Tennessee Me and Lumiere, we stopped and ate at Dairy Queen Got a blizzard with Coke and some friends I gave the girl a 20 and she said she's out of 5's What about some 1's, what about a roll of dimes? Kid brings them in, kid robs his grandma blind Grabbed her from that check, cracked 'em open quick First one in my hand was a 1936 Sent it to my mom, said it ain't the one But please forgive me, please, for the hurt that I have done I won't stop looking, hurts me to this day You know I love you Mom, no words could ever say
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