Текст песни Neonfly - Ship With No Sails

Outshine The Sun
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Neonfly
Альбом: Outshine The Sun
Длительность: 06:48
Рейтинг: 508
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Verse 1: There’s a rumour in the night, A distant face that memory Has brought back to my door I assumed it would fade away Time didn’t kill it after all… Bridge 1: Why do we try to hide from yesterday? Erase our footsteps in the sand Pre-chorus: The gate is open but it’s cold and dark The siren calls from beyond You pay the price – and you pray for salvation But all you get is desolation Chorus: Hear the sound of the clashing waves and the wailing wind as a new day dawns All your dreams washed up on the shore are now faded and gone Always standing on the edge of paradise, but you never took that step There’s a ship waiting on the shore and you cannot find the sails… Verse 2: Seasons wasted wondering why You were too weak to move on A silent scream, an empty cry for Someone to carry you home Pre-chorus: The demon tries to take control again Nightmares appear in your mind Afraid to fly – like a bird in a cage No chance to leave this earthly prison (Chorus) Break: There’s a newborn star that lights your way in the dark You have to reach out and take it. All the poison you drank will be drained from your heart Come and dance with the minstrel - Leave your fears behind The vision’s fading, The winds are blowing, But no one answers the call Bridge 2: You always tried to hide from yesterday Remove the traces of your past (Chorus)
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