Текст песни Zack Hemsey - Teachings Of A Ronin

Жанр: Trip-Hop / Instrumental
Исполнитель: Zack Hemsey
Альбом: Ronin
Длительность: 05:12
Рейтинг: 1068
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ELS-Y


Dogma looks but never peers through the smog So in the clear will appear that black swan To trap love you must wade through the fog But try to grab it once you have it then it's gone Now some never see beyond these walls And some never see those worms that crawl But mind your step or you will trip on pride's fall Trust no man if his head above all Stance still like the world on pause Eased breath of a wind pre-storm Firm grasp, let the blade conform Manifest thy will, transform Become sword unsheathed, cut raw Become myth turned life, real lore Meet the rage on the field of war But never drink of the blood that pours Look upon ruin and behold these ways When you remove that leash then you'll end the dog days Only by hand can you turn that page Only keys of integrity unlock that cage If you swim in foul play you will live among plague If you cut a man's spirit he will bleed just the same When you linger in the desert don't expect to find rain And if you wish to know peace you must come to know pain Every pioneer leaves a home of the brave Every last deed has a seed that remains And with every backlash some are shocked and afraid But you will never see the light if you refuse to leave shade This that jewel of the master Steady wins the race though impatience run it faster Turn to face the dragon as it brews your disaster Ride upon it's back breathing flames with a rapture In this world only victory or capture Never sleep until that Reaper come and snatch ya And you can't starve with a belly full of laughter Learn to take risk so reward can come after We all the same but aint no two of us alike And when push come to show you abstain from the fight Receive the match of life but then decline to ignite That's what the sage calls the wrong of two rights So live or die, choose the former or the latter Walk that tight rope but don't fall to the flatter Hit 'em with the truth and that body gone shatter I call that mind over matter Real talk, this aint the rhyming of a rapper It's expression of my heart but all these people got it backwards Jam me in a box but I don't fit inside your pattern Maybe now they'll get the message when these lyrics gone and slapped 'em So pay attention to the key of my tone I can lend a hand but I can't save your soul And if you want a leader you should lead yourself home I call my own shots, I won't sit in your throne
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