Текст песни Zack Hemsey - Silver Crimson Black

Жанр: Trip-Hop / Instrumental
Исполнитель: Zack Hemsey
Альбом: Ronin
Длительность: 06:48
Рейтинг: 960
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ELS-Y


Words of a scribe No words can describe But they can serve as a guide And you can learn if applied Now some burn from the match Some fall through the cracks So for those lost, this a map Silver crimson black To know silver is to know respect In disguise come that silver like a side effect But silver lies with the snake, aint no idle threat So only rest where all them silver lines bottleneck Silver off the screen, treated patron like a saint Silver in that spoon but don't confuse the painter with the paint Cuz silver heed the tales of butchered men and perished souls Leave in its path fallen beasts, silver bullet holes Silver under gold like pressure under weight Silver that potential, it's that key to heaven's gate Silver when that patience conquer seizure with restraint Silver understands the essence of no greatest of the greats And silver tame emotion like that silver spider sews Silver mirrors light the way that silver moon glows And silver cut adversity so keep your hands closed That silver crimson black a mix so few have ever known Silver crimson black Crimson decimate the workings of a straw man Cut the ribbon, crimson opens with a strong ram And crimson spread a mass of fury when the flames fan Crimson have you searching for the exit on the floor plan Crimson mob bold Paint the town - red - giant uncontrolled Red letter A's told And crimson can seduce and turn a district into sleepers Infect a righteous leader with a case of scarlet fever Now let that crimson rise within, begin to see red Catch that surprise, crimson reveals, begin to seem red If crimson blooms all the waters up and seized red And all the crimson in our hands leave them seas red Mark that zone red Sound that code red That ringing phone's red, emergency the word said And crimson flows from the rivers that our hearts bled Crimson rose, redrum, murder, pose, dead Silver crimson black Made with sliver crimson black Black rose pedals on the landscape when Grim come near And black roams far, it's that final frontier When black holes swallow black's magic disappears That black hole sorrow break the most austere Now evil in the air, black tones sound fear Though even if you stare black veils, all clear And never beg a savage, black hears don't tear But black mourns those who've departed so dear Sincere is the reckoning, black's cloud storms Black robes worn, black day's norm Like black rats spread disease, black swarms Meander in the dark and black eyes gone form As black's knight shield the heaven's with - black - hides the messages But black's light shows the evidence And space is full of dark matter's black mass Raise them stone walls, watch when black's ball smash Cuz black's mark bear that ash from the rubble Black bears the vault where those secret thoughts huddle And black bares all, turn and face it if you dare But if you run from black's bear be prepared for some trouble Now who on earth am I Why are we alive What's the me in "my" Where does time fly All the pieces to the puzzle black hides Black boundless explanatory gap so wide And black envelops in that blackout Question of the truth will lead to silence in that blackout You should know confusion always follows when you black out So never turn your back to black when it blacks out Every luminescence casts a black shadow we perceive But black's mail contain not one letter you can read And criticize their worth but black's sheep stampede Rely upon a plea or flee from black's ops That silver shines when a man stand in victory That crimson blinds from the fires of our history That black aligns all the beauty and the misery Crimson and that silver can shed light on black's mystery So pull that sliver from the stone, let that red attac
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