Текст песни Anjulie - Brand New Chick

So Undercover
Жанр: Pop / Pop-Rock
Исполнитель: Anjulie
Альбом: So Undercover
Длительность: 03:33
Рейтинг: 1234
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Загрузил: marandi123


Don't need your sad face,sorry baby But I made up my mind Made up my mind Don't need a re-run,been there,done,done You're so back in time Back in time Yeah,I know that the se* was good I remember,I was showing you what to do Yeah,yeah Up against the walls, bathroom stalls oooooooooo I was so friggin' blind So friggin' blind And now I'm singing (Chorus) Oh,oh, Been feeling so fly since you been go-one My face to the sky,sunglasses o-on Turning up the beats so sick, I'm like a brand new chick(x2) Don't need a rescue It's all good baby I been hittin' my stride Hittin' my stride Got my red lipstick on Engine's revving You're so far behind And I'm taking mine Yeah,I know that uhh'd me good I remember and I showed you a thing or two Yeah,yeah Got goin' on my back Look at yeah Bet you thought I'd never survive Well I'm still alive And now I'm singing (Chorus) (Post-Chor) I'm like a,I'm like a,I'm like a brand new I'm like a,I'm like a, I'm like a brand,brand Turning up the,turning up the,turning up The beat so sick I'm like a brand new chick You wouldn't recognize me Standing right in your face Nothing like I used to be,be,be And now I'm singing (Chorus) (Post-Chor)(x2)
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