Текст песни Dreamtale - We Have No God

World Changed Forever
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Dreamtale
Альбом: World Changed Forever
Длительность: 05:27
Рейтинг: 2361
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Загрузил: sanyarock


We are advancing through storm and the rain For thousands of miles we have sailed Searching for something, for something to gain To live and be free a thousand more days We live to discover and live to live more Cheating and lusting to even the score With our greed we will burn to the core Until there are no secrets no more We're sailing the sea - our illusion of hope We've sold away our souls You come in our way - we blow you away! We bring you into the cold... We have no god, we killed the lord above We can do what we want and say what we want And leave you into the cold! We can believe if we choose to believe You are the lambs that we seek to deceive Maybe there's nothing or maybe there's more We don't want to know we don't care anymore You can pray if you want You can ring all your bells We'll bring you our own hell! You mean nothing to us You're easy to crush We kill you in cold blood! John: "some will not see the devil in me They seem to live in dreams Still they're wondering why I'm conquering Could I be really this cruel? Leading a life with nothing inside How could it all be true?" John: " I have no god and there is no soul I am the man from the cold I justify, then crucify This is truth that I know" Still we're advancing, the storm fades away Slowly the fog reveals us a scene: Lo and behold: There's a boat - hard-a-port! Grab at the helm, we'll grab him on board With a frown on his brow he is standing below Kaeo: "what is this thing untold?" He looks right into us, but how can he trust? He seems to be sure... Kaeo: "I feel at ease - there's worse in my dreams" Now the old man is bound to utter a sound... How will this tale unfold?
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