Текст песни Tru Life - Wet 'Em Up

GTA 4 (The Beat 102.7)
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Tru Life
Альбом: GTA 4 (The Beat 102.7)
Длительность: 01:52
Рейтинг: 2090
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AzerBoy


Yo, ****** with nerve get served like hors d'oeuvres I'm kickin you straight to the curb with a Mossburg Rollin with nuff disrespect, put a Tec to your neck Bust shots and watch your tonsils hit the deck Lettin you know where I stand Original ( ? ) gun bad bwoy like Ninjaman Back-talk I don't stand for Some young chip tried to flip, I put a slug in a man door One shell and he fell, it was done quick I'm known to run thick and handle a gun slick And I collect body parts for souvenirs Chunks of butt, toes, fingers and human ears I got a trunk full of heads and bag of balls My pump wet more chumps than Niagara Falls Any crumb out of line Get stung by the nine Left deaf, dumb and blind Beaten and bagged and then dragged to the dungeon Coppin a plea while I'm stompin your lungs in Original mack, my attack is disastrous Killin you slow, so you know who the master is That's the Grand Daddy U A ***** step wrong, and that *** is through I wet em up (Wet em up) Sucker ****** get wet I'm pluggin your mug full of slugs like a stone cold lunatic Chumps talk slick, but end up gettin ruined quick When I blast *** is full I'm wettin you with the 16 with cops on the scene, and all Feds flex, but can't get me If I go down, I'm takin plenty muthafuckas down with me So your best bet's to scatter I make your guts splatter And twist the **** out your bladder One split blow to your dome, and your skull cracks The mic Mad Max splittin backs with a dull axe And I set shop to flames To hell with the games, I'm goin out like Jesse James A long black revolver in my holster Starin myself eye-to-eye on a 'most wanted' poster Got a charge in every state From murder to rape and jail break For makin a great escape But I ain't even on the run Cause straight up top, any cop steppin up will get done I holds my own ground and don't clown around The three-pound'll turn New York to a ghost town Stampede, guaranteed to make you bleed indeed Dead bodies roll around like tumble weed And in hearts I plant fear I shoot a four-fifth with a silencer, makin sure you can't hear All you see is punks fallin, ****** haulin Innocent bystanders tryin to get away crawlin ****** down on all fours like whores So pause, or the next life lost is yours I wet em up (Wet em up) Sucker n**** get wet I'm tellin you straight, there's no escape from the jaws of death When I crush, some messed up flesh is all that's left Eyes out the socket, bones snapped in half Trail of dead bodies lie in my path The aftermath is crucial, pure monstrosity Watchin heads fly at a high velocity So prepare to face your doom I'm pushin your *** right back through your mother's womb Raggamuffin no bluffin, it's all real When I pull the steel prepare for a raw deal One wrong move, you're dead (Boom-bye-bye in a batty bwoy head) See ya I wet em up (Wet em up) Sucker ***** get wet (Wet em up) Sucker******get wet (Wet em up) ************ (Wet em up)
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