Текст песни Jay-Z ft. The Jaz - The Originators

Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1990
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Jay-Z ft. The Jaz
Альбом: Ego Trip's Greatest Hip-Hop Singles 1990
Длительность: 04:14
Рейтинг: 587
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


[Intro] It is indeed a pleasure To see so many Nubian faces So many original faces here tonight Kick, kick, kick it [Verse 1: The Jaz] My rhymin and singin technique is applaudable Livin in luxury, and it's affordable No other brother is better than me, the J, the A, the Z The cream of the crop, and the top of the top The suckers are tryin to stop The biggeda-, the biggeda-, the boss of the hip-hop Hop, they'll never come near They'll never come here, no, not this year They're growin in fear, I'm very sincere, I will jerk tears Operator pushin the data, I'm talkin bout info And check it, you're still stumblin and bumblin off the intro So take it a step at a time, this dope rhyme Be makin a note that it's refined by a skilled mind This is a warning for biters Stealers and robbers and sucker reciters Call it a night, and before you roam Don't try this at home The style that I'm usin, I'm here to abuse The garbage and junk I refuse Divy it up, cause I'm here to collect my dues from all of yous This ain't no cartoon drama caper, pass the paper Your mind's in a daze, higher than a skyscraper I'm teachin and reachin and preachin And showin and flowin and growin and blowin The rest of the best right out of the box I shoot the funky sweat socks I obliterate and I devastate You wanna go head to head Rhymin until you fall dead? Great, make it a date Never a conflict or a debate, you're callin me sir, see You sucker, you fucker, you pussy, you wussy, nobody can verse me The Jaz is pushin the power You two-bucks-an-hour Unable, mentally unstable, to me you cower You never can write a dope lyric to have an effect just like this did To be at the peak in the field of hip-hop, you only wish, kid And Jiggeda-Jay Zee, yo, yo, my partner G-g-g-get on the mic, and cold start to [Verse 2: Jay-Z] Wreckin and wreckin in seconds less than speeds of light So the miggeda-more that come, the miggeda-merrier, right, right Excitin the mic much to the delight of millions of Nubians And Amorites just can't understand the groove we're in Cool, it might take a couple of takes for you to clarify Don't lie, you coulda never got in on the first try But never to worry, I'm not in a hurry, take your time Cause it's my rhyme, I siggeda-said so, and I'm J-a-y-Z, y'all know me I wish you co-write, cause you'd pay me all the rhymes you stole from me Leave you freeze in a minute, you gotta get in it breathin Only when it lets, no sweat, I stutter-step with ease, and Stop fakin, you're makin it, son I'm breakin and breakin and breakin your tongue Don't get caught perpetratin the cool ones Figure we're bigger and badder and better, and baby, let's face it We bring havoc, flowin faster than rabbits, try to race it The lyrical miracle writer, flippin until it drives you Crazy, seek spiritual help from Jaz and Jay Zee Standin in awe, you saw the best of em all, the rest will fall Requestin for more, jaws stuck on the floor These lyrics I pour, we saw, because we're greater And we are the thiggida-thiggida-thiggida-the (the) originators Word Cure the blackman And bring him back to the way he was In his original state
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