Текст песни Rittz - My Interview

Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Rittz
Альбом: Life And Times Of Jonny Valiant
Длительность: 04:18
Рейтинг: 562
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Reporter: So tell me... who is Rittz? [Verse One: Rittz] That's a stupid question Bitch, Rittz is me A white boy from Gwinnett County Georgia Been doing for some years never gave up Now I get to live my dream Reporter: And... when did you start to rap? I think I started to rap back in '92 I used to rhyme to Snoop With some dude that I rode the bus with Who played Geto Boys for me when I ride to school And I was hooked Reporter: So... how'd your family act? About the fact of rap they used to hate it Said that I was actin' black, pull your pants up boy Mom and dad would snap I had the black lumberjack with the hat to match Reporter: Did you make good grades? Hell no I flunked Seventh grade eigth grade ninth grade and up I got expelled from selling weed and when I came back Everyday they would check my book bag for drugs Reporter: Where did you get the name Rittz from? That's another dumb question Are you a dumb bitch? It's obvious that I got the named after the cracker Because I'm white, please next subject Reporter: You got an attitude, homie? I apologize Plus I'm a little drunk and I'm always tired I done answer these questions a thousand times And people still don't know my name and oh my God It's like [Hook: Rittz] Everybody's asking all this shit about me Wondering where I came from Questioning my surroundings And the same motherfuckers that dap me Be the haters that used to doubt me And I'm trying to answer their questions but my memories just too cloudy for My interview... (What's your name? Rittz bitch. Where you from? G.A,) Fucked up in my interview... (What's your name? Rittz bitch. Where you from? G.A) Pissed off in my interview... (What's your name? Rittz bitch. Where you from? G.A) Representin in my interview... (What's your name? Rittz bitch. Who you with? STRANGE!) Reporter: Was it hard to come here in Atlanta scene? [Verse Two: Rittz] Yeah, it kinda sucked If you ain't make the type of shit they play inside the club Then the strippers don't dance and the radio don't play you Besides they ain't show Northside no love Reporter: You're from Gwinnett County? God damn right There's a ton of us to represent so hard Don't let the word suburb throw you off Alot of people moved here, get their head blown off Reporter: I heard you rap about drugs alot You probably would too if you grew up through the shit I seen 16 I was sniffing things, the shit changed when '96 Olympics came Reporter: What you mean? Everybody and their mama came to GC Lot of home invasions, armed robberies We kept running from the GCPD Cause the crime rate kept increasing weekly Reporter: So does that effect what you rhyme about? Fuck yes So many nights, I spent in my mama's house Geeked up on white, scared that I'm OD'ing Thinking I'mma die trying to ride it out Reporter: Not to change the subject, what's up with your hair? God damn why do people care Got grown men coming up to me when it's tucked in like "Please say you didn't cut it, is it there?" And I swear it's like [Hook: Rittz] Reporter: So Yelawolf discovered you, right? [Verse Three: Rittz] He said if he ever got the chance he would put me on And when he blew, he did, I owe him everything So if anybody fuck with my dude they dead Reporter: So is it still Slumerican? Of course it is What up Shawty Fatt? What up, Strug'? What up Newport, what up Will? I'm about to kill shit Can't nobody touch us dawg Reporter: What do you say to those who say you rap too fast? Don't listen if you don't like the way that I rhyme It cost you nothin', pay me no mind Old slow boat fuck a lemon and lime Reporter: You gettin' money now, right? I c
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