Текст песни Siberian Meat Grinder - Laughing In Your Face

Hail To The Tsar
Жанр: Hardcore / Thrash Metal / Crossover
Исполнитель: Siberian Meat Grinder
Альбом: Hail To The Tsar
Длительность: 03:43
Рейтинг: 572
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Raised By Hell


As long as I remember we’ve laughed at your type, shit talking behind our back Wasting your time, creating the hype, preparing the counter attack Still holding our ground, these colors never run Touring, thrashing, fighting, chasing the fun We spit on your ideals, it’s fun to kick the hive You’re just an aging hippie, too old to get a life Now you’re dazed What a disgrace Never gonna stop it Laughing in your face You hated me, cause the way that I looked, you called my music a noise Skateboarding, graffiti and the noise that I cooked annoyed the society’s toys We’ve never been like you it was your reason to attack Growing under pressure taught us to fight back Our game is still the same, the stakes are insane And your life is pathetic and you’re the one to blame Boring job, boring life, fat ugly wife Shitty beer, TV shows, no hopes, no drive Braindead walking zombie, you just have got no clue Just got what you deserved, hey buddy, joke’s on you! Now you’re dazed What a disgrace Never gonna stop it Laughing in your face
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