Текст песни Miracles Of Modern Science - Dear Pressure

Audiot Compilation 2013-03
Жанр: Electronic / Indie Rock / Indietronica
Исполнитель: Miracles Of Modern Science
Альбом: Audiot Compilation 2013-03
Длительность: 03:21
Рейтинг: 646
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: audiot


Hey friend, I haven't seen you much It's my fault, I've been so out of touch New club? No, you go on ahead Old blood, I'll dance when I am dead When I'm dead I'll dance when I'm dead That was a killer show Makes sense to take it on the road Not me! I can't afford the risk You tour, I'm on the mailing list Go ahead I'll tour when I'm dead I don't know what else to say I don't know what else to say Maybe I'll get to it someday I see myself at 94 Spare dreams stuck on life support No wait, if that's what lies ahead I'll change or put it off and dream when I'm dead I don't know what else to say End all my thoughts the same way: “Maybe I'll get to it someday” I've been so drunk on safety I think I'm going crazy Don't want my ghost to hate me Time's running
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