Текст песни Bella Thorne ft. IM5 - Can't Stay Away

Can't Stay Away
Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Bella Thorne ft. IM5
Альбом: Can't Stay Away
Длительность: 03:11
Рейтинг: 1230
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Big Time Rush


I'm heading on track, I'm turning on back, Cause honey don't know, She complete my life Cause I wasn't all in, I'm done with all that And now I gotta let him know. Said I'm never looking back But give me one try. You say I'm still the same But I changed my path. You're better than the best Forever no lie And I don't wanna be here lonely I don't wanna stay away For another second, baby. Lemme, lemme say everything You're the only one worth fighting for And I won't throw my promisses away (yeah) I don't wanna stay away, I don't know nobody but you. You say don't buy, how hard I'm gone try I'll never give up gonna changed your mind. With a little romance and maybe you'll find That know I'm gonna make a show No we're never looking back, Just leave it in the past. I'll never be the same, Cause you changed my path. You know I love you best Forever no lie. And I don't wanna be here lonely (Chorus) And if I have to live in a lifetime with out All the ways you make me feel. Then I'd have to lose my mind I'd be so broken into pieces over you. See I can't stay away from you. I can't erase the two of us from my mind. Whenever I try it's like a backfire Blast from the past I can see trough Mirror, mirror on the wall How'd I ever let you fall. I guess I need my baby. (Whoah, whoah, whoah) (Chorus x2)
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