Текст песни Feared - Psycho Logic

Furor Incarnatus
Жанр: Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Feared
Альбом: Furor Incarnatus
Длительность: 02:43
Рейтинг: 427
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I've waiting for far to long I've been waiting for you Am I supposed to feel this way Do you feel it too Waiting, longing, watching, fighting ,,, driving me insane Teasing, luring, lying, bitch, I'm coming for you I think it's time to change your mind See what truths that lies behind No, please no more lies It's hurting me, deep inside I've been waiting for far to long No thanks to you You're pushing me out of line Wanting me to leave you Alone, Is there something there, Is there still a chance? Hoping, needing, living breathing I'm going to make you mine No need to fight me back I'm stronger than you The more you strain against The more I hurt you If you try to scream I'm gonna strangle you Don't dare , fight, against, It's gonna hurt you
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