Текст песни Halford - Screaming In The Dark

Singles Comes Out Of Black
Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Halford
Альбом: Singles Comes Out Of Black
Длительность: 03:42
Рейтинг: 3623
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: NightStalkeR


Inner world trance of the lifeless souls Search and destroy of the damned Turning the grave of the bleached out bones Rise of the ghosts of bedlam Lay on the blade of the cold guillotine Feeling the steel on my spine Taste of the blood as it falls from my mouth I'm evil suspended in time Scream In the dark Of my world Inner dark Why? Does the torture remain and persist? Die? Can I never submit and resistance? Down on my side The nightmares colliding I'm writhing and raging in flames Bite on the bitch on the back of the beast Burning desert plains Scream In the dark Of my world Inner dark Violence rides as the human race dies Death bringer stabs away life Scream In the dark Of my world Inner dark Screaming In the Screaming In the Screaming Inner darkness of my world
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