Текст песни Banga Jazz - My Small Black Girl Guitar

Maxidrom II
Жанр: Rock / Русский Рок
Исполнитель: Banga Jazz
Альбом: Maxidrom II
Длительность: 04:52
Рейтинг: 982
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: brotherknife


MY SMALL BLACK GIRL GUITAR All my life I have been waiting I`ve been searching, y-e, for such a girl like you, Now you have come, but I`ve already gone. You`re a beauty, my o-darling, As I can - can fit the beast, Why should I feel so lone? There`s no places, an`no faces, An`no traces, an`no cities to recall Now I don`t care, don`t care what`s going on. If I feel you just beside me And one moment till I go Wu-u la-la and dance Wo-o la-dance of hands Hands-in-hands that sight Dance with me that night, My small black girl guitar... Rain is fallen and pouring, My sickness is tearing me apart On such a dark and gloomy is a day. Heart is aching an`is breaking And I see, y-e, very clear The rolling of my way. I`ll remember your laughter And after I know it will be sound In someone`s heart as golden as a bell. I`ll remember your samba That beats in every cell... Looking at your dance I can`t breathe no more, Got no any chance That I had before.
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