Текст песни Everlast - Pass It On

Forever Everlasting
Жанр: Hip-Hop / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Everlast
Альбом: Forever Everlasting
Длительность: 05:57
Рейтинг: 480
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


Ladies and Gentlemen, we've have the Everlast in the house tonight I think they got something they want to say I'm here to uplift, I don't bug, I don't drift Away from my subjects, not even if my Music stops or my beat is gone I'm just here to express myself and pass it on Speak much words of wisdom, Everlast has to jism So sit back, relax, kick up your feet and listen to E 'Cause that's me no others can be, half as fine I'll blow your mind, with the M I C Get off the tip quick, boy you're making me sick No other brother could be as smart as my man Kool Nick Understand, he's my man with the plan We come to parties with the possies, just to gain some fans The posse is strong, the lines are long People flocking to my shows just to hear a song like this It's not a diss, it's a mouth full of bliss Throw your hands in the air and blow me a kiss from the crowd 'Cause I'm proud, I'll say my name loud Everlast pounds songs like a thunderin' cloud It's not rock and roll, it's hip hop music It's got a lot of soul if you learn how to use it Well, I'm here to tell suckers, go to hell Others tried to take me down, there the ones who fell Ignorence, was then there for Take it a little at a time, don't go for it all at once 'Cause that's just stupid, it don't make cents Just relax and move your body don't look so tense I'm not here to diss nobody, I'm just having some fun Everlast lasts forever that's why I'm number one so pass it on With the forty in my fist, brakin' out my list Of all the suckers I'm out to diss There's none to match me, or ever catch me Off my guard so they can scratch me Off the MC All-Star Team Everlast is number one, that means I reign supreme 'Cause there ain't no others, listen up brother Just 'cause I'm white don't mean that I'm another sucker On the microphone, frontin' and fakin' Not Mexican, Asian, Black, or Jamaican Just a sensation made to be Caucasian Get ready brothers, here comes an invasion Don't try to stop it, you got a rhyme, drop it You might detect that respects my topic I won't rush you, but I'll discuss it Go ahead and pop your shot if you think you can bust it Bit I'ma go on, I'm gonna talk some more I guarantee you won't be bored if you get on the floor And go for yours, say that you did it Get up get out your seats get on the floor and get with it And listen to the rhyme I like to call mine I rehearsed every verse and soon you will find Not one mistake so don't try to brake Or talk about takin' out my dope rhymes I make just pass 'em on You're going wild for my flowing style I don't stutter, I utter words, versatile I'm entertaining with my brain, and always wearing a smile I don't front, I don't fake, I run the whole mile You clap 'cause I snap like a Crocodile Whether I'm on the stage or in my domicile I'm not feelin', I'ma smokin' tell you I'm no joke You schemin' for my lyrics 'cause you know they're dope Don't give me no no more wap, pour me glass of Rosae I say soul to your health, and then I blow you away Now said Simon on the Pieman, just rhymin' from my highway The ones on the ladder, success I'm climbin' Fierce like a lion, keepin' ducks tame Murderin' into bits of MC's till none remain Whose getting dumb, I'm number one shinin' like the sun With a mic and my host and I'm on the run Gunnin' down M.C.s and writin' on the wall I gotta show down if you got the balls Commence is my defense 'cause you makin' me tense I make a lot a dollars but I make more cents so pass it on Pass it on, p
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