Текст песни Wrekonize - Anxiety Attacks

Strange Music: Independent Powerhouse Sampler
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Wrekonize
Альбом: Strange Music: Independent Powerhouse Sampler
Длительность: 04:06
Рейтинг: 295
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Загрузил: method_85


[Verse 1] Yep, another sleepless night My sister said my sad songs fuck with her psyche It's tough to keep it light, sometimes to even write I gotta travel out far where the sunrise meets the beach at night Just leak the secret twice I know the odds are stacked against us in this laundromat We drop coin we get it clean we live again we call 'em back See, this is not another tale of suicide This is an anthem for the ones that know its random when we do or die I know I just sent ya the voice mail Life's a bitch, so use your time While on the line to leave me some insightful shit Cause it could be the last thing that you say Last thing I hear, hear hear today gone gone tomorrow So I'll just take my place and cheer In this cash parade I'll just relax and stay low Cause the stray bullets fly high above the palisade Another matinee, another flashback to feelin' up Girls on the bus and hopin' they don't back away And I have to say, if my mother's sister never passed away I often think what other path we take This life is hidden in the siren's song If you can pick it out see you just might be lucky and survive it all [Hook] I'm tryna find the little kid in me I know where he's hidin', I'm tryin' not to let him grow Without becomin' my own enemy I just wanted you to know Can't you see this anxiety is killin' me This anxiety is killin' me [Verse 2] Hello memories, I thought that was the end of me Eventually, the tension ceasce, through our little centerpiece And I'm upset it seems, even though I'm smilin' more than regularly I never seem to lose my cool while enemies Are tweetin' never squeak the leaks up out of they head Bet they'd requote the note if they knew they was bout to be dead This poisons got poison in it, and my drinking waters so acidic I merely piss and pass a stone for critics If you ain't tried it, then you've never lived it Well I apologize but I'm a cynic, could you be more specific? I write these words that rhyme in lines for all my like of minds And try to find the nicest time to prize this life of mine What a beautiful day to lose our fucking heads See its been truly amazin' to be stuck in bed This life is hidden in the siren's song If you can pick it out see you just might be lucky and survive it all [Hook]
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