Текст песни Opera Diabolicus - The 13Th Guest

Opera Metal Vol.7
Жанр: Metal
Исполнитель: Opera Diabolicus
Альбом: Opera Metal Vol.7
Длительность: 07:28
Рейтинг: 392
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Загрузил: punk cinderella


here I lie. feeling my life drift on by I long for blood again only darkness surrounding me left to die, betrayed by my own destiny I have come to set you free by the next full moon she will return wolves howl by the light of the moon a pale rider forcing his way through the wood reputed to be haunted arrives to the village below as he advanced lightning split overhead dismounted his steed and an old man opens the door barthok, the inn keeper so wise thirteen guests at this supper tonight all arguing the countess's demise stranger, what do you say? silent you've sat in the corner at bay emerge from the dark the black clad stranger rose he spoke so fierce take heed to what I say I've seen her claw, I know the symbol of insanity listen close, one and all, you better believe and tonight she will come, she's been revived witchcraft! that's what you say how can it be she's returned from the grave? the stranger replied with a grin evil spreading its wings understand, the end of your lives' close at hand the tempter knows you can not hide from the dark and god repine seek and you shall find spawn of hate newborn summoned by depravity hear as I sing for you all this tune of devastation the sign of the cross has been broken now my time has come
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