Текст песни Pennywise - Stand Up

Burnout Revenge - OST
Жанр: Alternative
Исполнитель: Pennywise
Альбом: Burnout Revenge - OST
Длительность: 03:17
Рейтинг: 3033
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Rich-StiFFler


Is there a reason for all your lies? Your hatred and deceit Reflected in your eyes All the things you said All the hate you bred It's all trapped inside your feeble head One thing that you should know There's strength in numbers And we're starting to grow Face off tempers grow short The noose is getting tighter And you better abort Mayhem is our middle name we're getting sick and tired of society's game Vengeance is ours to know We're taking to the streets Gonna take control They say they won't listen to me All these years I struggled to be free They say they don't like my ways Now's the time for retribution It starts today Stand up today last chance Don't try to turn your back on me Are you the keepers of all our lives? You prey and mistreat We wait for your demise Dishonest path you've led Through all the blood you've shed Excuses that you state Will help us seal your fate We're getting sick and tired of all your lies When the fuck will you realize That things are destined for change You've been fucking long enough with our brains Now it's time to feel our pain Your retribution it starts today
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