Текст песни Kutt Calhoun - I Been Dope (Feat. Tech N9ne)

Black Gold
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Kutt Calhoun
Альбом: Black Gold
Длительность: 04:33
Рейтинг: 394
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: mir70b8


(Verse) Nigga I been dope since Raigo Son of a crack fiend holla rappin While the niggers for starter jackets When James West had all the swager We had that Venice to mall cracking YT2 extort staff Rock porsche, box chevies With tech n9ne let them all have it I've been dope kennedy soap With my K4 big bloody cal With the sin soak and begin talk With a friend's smoke really nutty wild That indoor sipping slow Them hoes wanna love me now I did go they pretend though Silly bimbos hella slutty now Now destiny I know from back of them days Nigga we played questions we ate x's Played truth or dare when we laid bitches Rolled about it then made riches Planned the pot then we stayed great Then sprayed kitens with glay spitting Display given these babes digging Off of that I've been boss of rap I've been called a gat and that's 9 nigga Been all of that since I caught the mac And put yacks and racks in my mind nigga Even when I shout out I'm at the wind I did I was a grim nigga take 'em end all man will walk After they getting their chin broke But when I pin stroke we done been dope (Hook) Before I started claiming my set I been dope Even before I hooked up with tech I been dope Back when y'all was hating my crew I been dope Don't gotta tell me 'cause I already knew I been dope Even when my first lines came out I been dope Since we could pull a late night lay out I been dope Since massacre ad the house days I been dope Since California 88 was made I been dope (Verse) Hey let me let these nigg know how far I go back with dope this man Ye, like a bean to a pental Door fiend to a rental Hung like a trench coat like Mc squeeze With the cheddar looking forward 5% when I raise bimbos So I been dope nigga, pure reform of that Montana Throw back nigga put a bitch in check Like back when I put his hands to Anna Just eat the cake and I make please Then take a drink of this bay breeze While these day really hate me Face be shaky 'cause it's dope shit they see I've been doping I hope that you listen Fix you liked it there's soup in the kitchen I hope I'm ripping you hope I'm glitching But there ain't no motherfucker hope in your dissing You looking ass niggas off in the middle You pussy ass nigga trying to be me What you curry ass nigga and you nigga Just thank God for my fabric 'Cause I style on With a crooked nigga ripping I be foul on you Short term niggas I'm a mouse done and your style slow down The curt palace hit the town on you 'Cause I'm that nigga with a compass on Bounce beat a nigga down to a coma I was on a 36 cone up Then I made it never go out no ya And out for show can, gathering more fans Even if they rip another color Because I've been dope man (Hook) (Verse) Somebody said I wouldn't do so I dismiss her They probably listen to falty shit and I ain't gonna lift her My crew not new to this fame and fortune for a while From dancing along the track like oppan gangnam style To be walking on stages came from the icy rock spacemen Now I feed off of my paper making cream off of you haters I'm worldwide but this business screaming fuck y'all independently Different cut dog in this industry with notorious and shin taking me off Been in rap long, you can take a look my stab's grown Strange music and tech n9ne is this nation's back bone I was dope in this song and that song way back home Not a leave not a trace of the hating 'cause ain't no fucking piece of rock show Ye now it's back on, preview into the sequel Kansas city's the pipe and now I'm caddy you meeting Cut me over the counter I'm easily your addiction Cudy cali is the drug and your future want a
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