Текст песни The Outfield - Taking My Chances

Play Deep
Жанр: Powerpop
Исполнитель: The Outfield
Альбом: Play Deep
Длительность: 03:38
Рейтинг: 496
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Загрузил: svviuhz92


I'm calling out but there's no one to hear me I'm so afraid cos there's nobody near me All that I've got are memories of Tuesday I can't remember anything she said Then in a moment my head starts spinning Around in a circle no end or beginning And just when I think that the whole world's turning I open my eyes and discover that life is just Burning down but this man stands his ground For when there's nothing left I'll fight for every breath (Chorus) Don't turn your back on me baby - I'm taking all my chances Why can't you hear what I'm saying - I'm taking all my chances And when you're alone with nobody to turn to You look in the mirror and think that it's untrue In your reflection are you sure that you see The person that you've always wanted to be but You never were because you feared yourself And in your deepest thoughts, you looked for someone else (Chorus) (Repeat Verse 1) (Chorus)
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