Текст песни Ray Charles - In The Heat Of The Night

Greatest Hits (CD2)
Жанр: R'n'B / Pop / Vocal Jazz
Исполнитель: Ray Charles
Альбом: Greatest Hits (CD2)
Длительность: 02:36
Рейтинг: 537
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Загрузил: NightStalkeR


Ждем вас в нашей группе лучшей музыки: [ ------------------------------------------------------ In the heat of the night - Seems like a cold sweat Creeping cross my brow, yeh-eh-eh-e-eh. In the heat of the night (ooh) - I'm feelin' motherless somehow. Stars with evil eyes stare from the skies, All mean and bright (In the heat of the night). Ain't a woman yet been born (ooh-ooh) Knows how to make the morning come? (ooh-) It's so hard to keep control (ooh-ooh) When I could sell my soul For just a little light - (In the heat of the night). In the heat of the night (ooh-ooh) - I've got trouble wall to wall, (ooh-ooh-ooh) Oh, yes I have, I repeat, I repeat in the night (ooh-ooh) "Must be an ending to it all! (ooh) But, hold on, it won't be long, (ooh-ooh) Just you be strong - And it'll be alright!" (In the heat of the night.) In the heat of the night...
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