Текст песни Small Faces - Talk To You

There Are But Four Small Faces
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Small Faces
Альбом: There Are But Four Small Faces
Длительность: 02:09
Рейтинг: 790
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Загрузил: Stanny


Listen, it's been three months Since I was last with you So many people trying to Stop me getting through The doorman he just laughed (He just laughed) But I don't want no autograph (Autograph) Now you listen to me, baby All I want to do Is talk to you You know I didn't stop you doing Things you wanted to do But now it's gone too far It looks like I'm losing you But I don't want sympathy (Sympathy) I don't know But please don't turn Your back on me Listen, baby All I want to do Is talk to you I got to talk to you I got to try to make you see Just how very, very much You mean to me Would it be too much To try and jog your memory? You remember me, baby I hope that I'm still Part of your history Now I don't want to share your car (Share your car) No, no, no, or stop you being a star (Being a star) All I want to, all I want to do You know what I've got to do Got to keep on trying
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