Текст песни Devourment - Fifty Ton War Machine

Conceived In Sewage
Жанр: Grindcore / Brutal Death
Исполнитель: Devourment
Альбом: Conceived In Sewage
Длительность: 04:17
Рейтинг: 1026
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FIFTY TON WAR MACHINE Trembles the earth, of the ground it will rise, bleed the sky Warbeast of hell sent to crush mankind, coal fuels the fires of Gears grinding in the fifty ton machines Steel behemoths of hate The solstice of the final clash of man has begun Legions march, the dust will rise to drown out the sun Endless armies of the dead Lust for pain and hate will spread No mercy shown, no unturned stone, until the war is won Machine of the war, exterminate divine Machine of war, the reign of man will die Corpses burning, cities falling, the tide is turning, shadow consumes Steel devours, hellfire showers, fear will feed the beast of hell Corpses burning, cities falling, the tide is turning, shadow consumes The soil runs red Population dead Rise, of the once forsaken From the depths where souls are taken Kingship newly crowned by legion Hate and fire burn this region Gears, of the Fifty ton machine Gears, of the Fifty ton war machine
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