Текст песни llynya - Visions Of A Dream

Celtic Myst Top 100 - (1CD)
Жанр: Celtic
Исполнитель: llynya
Альбом: Celtic Myst Top 100 - (1CD)
Длительность: 04:36
Рейтинг: 631
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Загрузил: amarkord


AS LIGHT COMES DOWN As light comes down the night will break free The day is done, no light to see VISIONS OF A DREAM Visions of a dream are not quite what they seem Crystal white and clear they disappear FEEL THE DARKNESS BREATHE Feel the darkness breathe Silver shining sky Dusky hollows flake Reigns all spirit kinds ALL MY HEART IS THERE Once on a time, as old tales tell, What’s kept in mind, the place we dwell The memories shared, all thoughts well thought The things done best, which were our load All my heart is there, all my heart is there FAR ACROSS THE SEA The storm is raging, we are far from shore Will I come back to my love once more? Somehow I know there is going to be A return to that dear land far across the sea UNVEIL THE BEAUTY Unveil the beauty of the moon Let glory reign, so we can soon Be dancing through the darkest times The moon to us like sunlight shines DROWNING I’m drowning - fading memories I’m drowning - deeper burning skies I’m drowning - endless waterfalls I’m drowning - visionary dreams THE MOON WILL AWAKE On a dark horizon – the moon will awake See the shadows burning – the moon is awake A twilight phenomenon – the moon will awake Dark skies are turning – the moon is awake Like a sunlight paragon – the moon will awake Stormy seas are churning – the moon is awake A LAND NEAR A land near the horizon’s line Where you can see the pure divine You’ll have to wait ‘til night breaks free To be enhanced by the light to see A DISTANT DRUM A distant drum calls the end of day All burden come to a final getaway A distant drum, a distant drum
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