Текст песни Skystie - Woman's World (Gurlz Stand Up)

Kidulthood - OST / Шпана - Саундтрек
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Skystie
Альбом: Kidulthood - OST / Шпана - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:25
Рейтинг: 1503
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Загрузил: -Pauk-


[Intro:] Boy sit down, stand up girls Ladies we can run this world Come on take a stand, we got the whole wide world in our hands [Verse 1:] Now imagine if this whole globe was run by jus women Jeeze cor blimme what a world we would live in Getting men all hung upon our love until they be sprung Imagine men on page three posing nude in the sun AND--- Imagine ladies pimping these guys Getting them to sell there bodies on the streets at night Think, we can choose a man then we treat them bad Get what we want and need then we ditch them Lads--- Call them to attend to our needs Get a web cam set up so my friends can see Then make him pole dance on my bed post then expose him And put his pictures on the net so everybody knows him Imagine them with stush attitudes or the had a shy mood so we make the first move But we use them for ah one night flex Sayin don't get attached baby boy its just sex [Припев:] Imagine the first prints on the moon was ah five And all the world leaders had a trimmed bikini lines Open your eyes visualise Picture ah world run by ah female like shy A female like WHO, a female like You and a female like I A female like WHO, a female like You and a female like shy Boys sit down, stand up girls, ladies we can run this world Come on take a stand, we got the whole wide world in our hands [x2] [Verse 2:] Now what if let these men live in kennels like dogs And we only let them out to do the difficult jobs Its deep, walk them on the streets and leads are on their necks And I show him to my friends saying he's my new pet AND--- think if we went Amsterdam And the red light district was only full of man Posing nude looking rude in the shop windows This world feels like heaven Amen the lord know Jesus come on guys please us You're the birds and were the geezers Imagine if guys took pride all the time Before they had sex waxed there scrotum line And girls walk around with moustache's and shit Unshaven legs, unshaved pits ERGHHH-- Yeah we crossed the line but men do this shit all the time [Припев] [Verse 3:] Now I'm a males worst nightmare say your prayers Cos ah bitch with powers gives mans fears So I'm here to make it known Ladies we can run this globe Say were the mayors and government F-B-I- and the presidents Hey we could run the whole of the C-I-A Take over the streets like were G-I Jane Imagine us on street patrol, Woman having full control No more labours, males give birth And time of the month don't affect us--- So ladies stand up firm, [Firm] Come on its our turn. [Turn] To flip reverse this universe Together woman we can run this earth
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