Текст песни Klashnekoff - It's Murda

Kidulthood - OST / Шпана - Саундтрек
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Klashnekoff
Альбом: Kidulthood - OST / Шпана - Саундтрек
Длительность: 04:47
Рейтинг: 1482
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: -Pauk-


[Klashnekoff] K k lash ya rasclat neck off I'll split you in half like a gun blast from Lennox Hotter then flammable rocks From the manor when man are animal yammin you like fox Experts slosh we specialize in handlin' kop With man's hatchin' and plannin' plots lookin' to jam in ya spot But their stamina's not up to par get ripped apart like red rizzla tarars, rasclat This Terra Firm dargart state of the art But tell them jankrows to stay in they yard Or get stabbed with a stake to the heart I'm tryna walk a straight path but you dun say it's hard Sick thoughts are flingin' on mask N killin' ya clark Keep runnin' thru the back of my head like old dance steps Get dropped on ya doorstep like dando Many men ran prang cuz my nine flows better than Taliban still ban shows Spit flows over bhangra spit so cold make you shok out like it was soka Terra Firm take over take you thru the mind state of a tortured soldier Who tells tales of unspeakable horror with lyrics lethal like bora Leave you leakin' on the floor star That's y I don't watch no talk I read auras and books written by forbidden government authors Infiltrate ya borders like ITN reporters Then return with the slaughter Captured on camcorder I'm trapped in a damn corner chattin' to Pandora Bout boxin' a man for her But she don't no Klashnekoff That black cunt from out of stokey Banana boat mango munchin' monkey kick off ya door like jumanji Dash you off the 28th floor like it was bungee, I want the blood cleaned [Klashnekoff] I'm not ready to die but ever ready for bury a guy They're not ready for I I can see the fear in they eye Scared of the rhymes that ricochet and tear them inside N fear for they lives Prepare and try to stare in they eyes Wife cry bucket of tears When the brare get iced but that's life Its all lies write rhythms like a dive spit cyanide saliv' N blind they left eye Subliminal crime snipe you in the back of ya mind With killer quotes and one lines that cuts throats like knives Baffle da vibes come fathom how the fuck did he die With tux and a tie with 21 bucks to the sky Askin' me y a brethren is deeper then I This piece by my side lookin' to eat a piece of the pie So come in peace or draw for ya piece or please reach for the sky My ether is 9 like 9 millimetres times 9 millimetres times 9 millimetres from ya spine So take time my rhymes take life like tek 9's And we take y from guys who flex their chest size [Klashnekoff] Batter the spanner banner with a black bandana Darren d the dan dappa wrap the trees like strappa Stab the beat with a dagger the hackney hack attacker shabby like shabba shabba like shaggy verse oshuka In the six sick cities situation get butters Man switch like burukas Come swingin' like McGuigan with a barrage of punches The spit boxin' champion who spark man unconscious And knock out they dentures See the drugs don't work they jus make you worst Man smoke a little merch and feel say he cant get hurt that absurd He get sliced and served like hors d'oeuvres Bury six feet deep like sword in the dirt Where you frauds shot work from the back of ya mercs I reverse the hearse stick 'em in the back of the boot And baffle you fools you cunts cant ackle this yoot Or tackle my cru get beaten till ya blacker then blue While I'm strappin' a zoot you on the floor catchin' a boot Lookin' to catch a bag blood but that's a catch 22 And you done know da crew
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