Текст песни South Central Cartel - Sowhatusayin

The Show - OST / Шоу - Саундтрек
Жанр: R'n'B / Gangsta Rap / OST
Исполнитель: South Central Cartel
Альбом: The Show - OST / Шоу - Саундтрек
Длительность: 06:49
Рейтинг: 737
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Загрузил: dpgs


[Havoc] It's a motherfuckin shame. Everytime I look at the goddamn news, or read a motherfuckin paper, some motherfuckin bitch or nigga tryin to dis gangsta rap. But um, check this shit out. Gangsta rap is here to motherfuckin stay. All you hoes and bitches out there tryin to put a bag on this shit, this shit is here to motherfuckin stay. [Havoc] Bailin up outta the cut, I'm breakin em off for this 95 G thang Jumpin up outta that Mustang, gonna let these nuts hang Cannibalistic flow snatchin your neck off Grabin a fuckin tech, lettin this bit takin your chest off Morgify a nigga with the quickness, pissin on brain sites Magnify your heart with this beam, and stomp it like a street light We blow motherfuckas, kickin up dust, droppin that bomb shit Glock cocked on your block, ready to rock it all time Bitch I sack, SCC be that click, Treach and Hav Felony, Prod, H-A-V the OC, you can't see me Pump pump that Havoc'll have it crazy motherfucka Bewitched and brain dead, leavin you headless motherfucka [Jayo Felony] The original from the block, ready to pop and drop Glock on cock, Felony's the locest as I focus like a mug shot Hot like rocks, nah fuck that, like boilin lava I'm wicked, sit back and kick it, as I saliva How I took in your eyeball, I call all shots for the GNC Nigga close your eyes cuz you ain't seeing me Five eight, seven fifteen, Bullet Loco still Pissin in a cup, and I'm not givin a fuck It's on, fuck Oliver Stone, he made Colors Gettin paid off gangbangin, I want my money motherfucka I'm a bump ya, pluck ya like a chicken and cut your head off Housin with a hundred thousand, ready to let em Go to the pen, or make ends, that was my option Now R-A-P gon put me up like adoption I'm shoppin for brains and thangs, so marks jet I'm addictive, like double nicotine in cigaretes Let's take this demon to the head loc, you scared loc? I met my fuckin last smoke, leavin these bustas dead broke Pass me the rap on the track and Bullet Loc gon come sick Cuz at the end of the world there's gon be gangstas Cockroaches, and sherm sticks [Prodeje] Yeah, headbangas in the house yo. You playa hatas can't stop this gangsta shit. You know what I'm sayin? Haha [Hook1:] Step up, step off punk ass niggas I flow real soft, soft as medicated cotton Cuz I put my foot up your ass before you pass gas Or even before you're thikin bout farting [Hook2: X2] So what you saying? So what you saying? I'm lettin my gat bust You bustas and you marks know I just don't trust [Prodeje] Back on that flow, don't you know It's that Prod from that sqaud Kickin up in that dust as I bust as I mob Metamorphisize from that BG to OG All I see is G's but you bustas can't see me Smokin motherfuckas so they bodies are cold I'm kickin up on your ass till you crumble and fold I'm on the creeps on them vouges Droppin 6 to them 4's Makin records, going gold That's my story in Vouge Still try to break me but you're broke As I spoke, loc Suckas hate the gunsmoke Act I peel your cap like a cantaloupe You think it's settled when we knuckle up I got insane like Saddam And wreck your posse with my finger fuck [Young Prod?] Five four three two um Here it comes, one more time Pistol whip dump when I'm packin up mine Y'all don't wanna do nothin, I'ma keep on bustin (....?....) G's need to ease on back, or catch a cap in they knapsack I sprayed your ass with a gauge and leave you dazed for days So why must you drive my G flow I swallow your ass up like Cujo And I got em, hollow point for the gaffle Seventeen (?) in your ass like a raffle So respect me, the Young P-R-O-D I be that nigga that kill you for nineteen ninety G [MC Eiht] I takes two to y
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