Текст песни Rakim - Guess Who's Back

Gangstas Planet Vol 4
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Rakim
Альбом: Gangstas Planet Vol 4
Длительность: 04:11
Рейтинг: 2638
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Загрузил: RiperDiper


"Once again back is the incredible" --> Chuck D Yeah, yeah It's the return of the Wild Style fashionist Smashin hits, make it hard to adapt to this Put pizazz and jazz in this, and cash in this Mastered this, flash this and make em clap to this DJ's throw on cuts and obey the crowd Just pump the volume up, and play it loud Hip-Hop's embedded, before I said I wouldn't let it But me and the microphone is still magnetic Straight off the top, I knew I'd be forced to rock Dancefloors just stop, the spot's scorchin hot Hoping I open Rakim Allah seminars Massage at the bar smokin ten dollar cigars while I admire midas, with more vision than TV's I find it easy catchin diabetes from fly sweeties Sit back and wait to hear a slammin track Rockin jams by popular demand, I'm back *chorus* I control the crowd, you know I hold it down When it drop you know it's jiggy when you hear the sound From town to town, until it's world reknowned And I rock New York City all year around Check it out It's on so you can swerve when it's heard in clubs Thought patterns displayed on Persian rugs Equations are drawn up in paisley form Mic it stay warm, my flow is Evian Deep as a Nautilus, you stay dipped in Ra style from the shores of Long Island to Panama Canal Intellect pitches new trends like a clothes designer I'm in effect, quicker than medicines in China Split the mic open fill it with somethin potent to go in and take a toke then, mental planes start floatin Hot science is smokin altitudes cause chokin
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