Текст песни UVERworld - THE OVER

Жанр: J-Rock
Исполнитель: UVERworld
Альбом: THE ONE
Длительность: 05:23
Рейтинг: 834
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: TheHorneo


You lie until the very end in order to be alone. You know yourself well enough to the point where you hate everything. Before I realized it, I was running away. Even though there was nothing there, I still felt unbearably sad. There was no reason to be living like that in this day and age. I didn’t want to lose the precious you, so I just hid myself and made something new. Knowing that I would lose myself is frustrating. Maybe if I was an actor on television, a millionaire or a big star… Maybe then I would have made you satisfied, I would have made you happy. But I only think of you. I can only think of you. I tried to tell you but instead I only looked at the sky. It was like being confused whether to use an umbrella in the rain. Living though you’ve given up makes everyday sad, no matter what you did. I wanted to be loved more than anyone else, but I still tried to be alone… All for you. The feelings I wanted to share with you were overflowing but the more I tried to put them into words they would change. It’s so frustrating. I wished for your happiness the most, but I seemed to make you saddest the most. I had no confidence in myself, so I tried to live alone the best I could. But I can’t let you go. Why can’t I let you go? When I recognized the feelings that you can only understand after you’ve been alone, tears fell for no reason. But when I see closely, the blue sky is not just one shade of blue. My heart illustrated that complexity. As you ride on a boat towards the future, I paddle on with an oar and fall behind. I don’t know what lays on the path beyond me, but you will surely be on the other side waiting for me. No matter where I go, or if even I get anywhere If I imagined the future, I was pretty happy. I love you, and if you choose me, I will never, ever, let go. When the days pass and we age, and lose all of our words And forget the days we spent together I will always hold onto your hand and support the changing you. We will talk through our hearts until the end, and give you kindness. I’ll think of you forever, these feelings will last until the end. I’ll make you feel as if you are never alone… No matter which I word I tried to define. No matter how hard I tried to imagine it. I never realized it while I was alone. The love that I was searching for was you all along. OVER. Anyone can conquer themselves. OVER. I will never let you be alone. OVER. Surpass everything. OVER.
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