Текст песни State Of The Union - Black City Lights

State Of The Union
Жанр: Futurepop
Исполнитель: State Of The Union
Альбом: State Of The Union
Длительность: 06:40
Рейтинг: 708
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Загрузил: oberkorn


Send a message be a leader not a follower and don't forget to set your expectaions high I stood among the clan, no fear, I fought for honour a warrior in mysoul, a roman in my veins Can you decide my friend come by the light and be a man a messenger of peace, 'cause a corrupted world this is metropolis at last, buildings arise across the skies a fallen man this is, living among black city lights Stand up for your right and speak yourself be the voice for your choice and understand stop this rain of decay and start again black city lights see the world through my eyes, this gotham skies have betrayed the believe that I once had I was always a roman in my veins Black city lights Don't let false egos take you where you don't belong to be Don't take their false advice their truth is filled with lies
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