Текст песни Everlast - Friday The 13Th

Songs Of The Ungrateful Living
Жанр: Folk-Rock / Blues Rock
Исполнитель: Everlast
Альбом: Songs Of The Ungrateful Living
Длительность: 02:31
Рейтинг: 2724
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


They say everything's fine now with red lights shine Once the junkies have all gone to bed. And once the sun arises you run out of surprises And the drugs they start to clear from your head. It’s hard as loving, push come to shoving. Throw some money on the table, cover last night’s starving. Got a soul of a whore, got a heart of a lonely man. If I ain’t fucking things up I do the very best that I can. Just like a lamb to the slaughter, a horse to the water, I only wanna drink it if I know I shouldn’t oughtta. I’m a scared little boy, I'm really one hell of a man. And I’m a junkie for her love and touch of a stranger’s hand. They say everything’s love up in the heavens above But here on earth you must have tone for your sins. Ain’t no room for budging once the Lord stops judging, He’s just counting the losses and wins. It’s how you play the game, still oughtta say: They say it’s only cheating if you get caught. So you’re running wild sinning, you’re smiling and you’re grinning With all that trick knowledge you bought. You got the mind of a leper and a soul of tortured king. It’s all breaking down and that’s a truly unfortunate thing. While you fight for survival I’m feeling sacrificial. Got a brand new rifle, girl, it’s government issue. Got a heart full of a stone, got an eye that’s about to take aim. And every fucking person up on Twitter's gonna squib my name. ‘Coz they’re all gone stupid, they all got lazy, They worship all the money and they idolize the crazy. Everybody wants to go to heaven but everyone's afraid to die. And what if God is real but religion’s all just one big lie? The pars set lower, the temperature’s higher; Somebody got to spark it And set one big fire…
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