Текст песни London Elektricity - This Dark Matter

Syncopated City
Жанр: Drum'n'Bass
Исполнитель: London Elektricity
Альбом: Syncopated City
Длительность: 07:04
Рейтинг: 722
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Folly


Shadows slowly rotating Generating a vista of heavenly night Figures falling together at last In relief on the bare walls and floors My delicious confusion The solution a journey with no end in sight Desecrated by angels and men Bodies linger in the morning light I live in fear Of the things I desire I should surrender To the terrible wonderful world that lines Before me In this other dimension I feel tension surrounding my every move You and I are together at last We are captive in own universe I count the years Till the end of my days And I'm looking back On a life that's so sweet that it's only complete with your face Before me I've never been the type to find That anyone could make me lose my mind This dark matter's haunting me Perhaps I'll never find out why I'll search every day Every hour, minute, second I have to find a way To the secret of this dark matter I'll ask everyone Every boy, girl and child I can't rest until I have the secret of this dark matter
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