Текст песни Disciple - Things Left Unsaid (Acoustic)

Scars Remain
Жанр: Alternative Rock
Исполнитель: Disciple
Альбом: Scars Remain
Длительность: 04:13
Рейтинг: 652
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Загрузил: 19AltMan89


It's just a matter of time a few days ago I saw you, you were fine Remembering what you said About the book you read The one I got you The Beginning of the End Oh how we'd talk For hours upon end What I give Just to do it again But you're lying there In this hospital bed Won't you open you eyes And let's talk once again (CHORUS) If you fly away tonight I want to tell you that I love you I hope that you can hear me I hope that you can feel me If you fly away tonight I want to tell you that I'm sorry That I never told you When we were face to face Well I've been here all night And I'm watching you Breathe in and breathe out Is it really you Or just a machine That's giving you life And it's making seem That there could be hope I could say to your face If it weren't for you That there would be no grace That's covered my life You took the time To speak into my mind And my heart Words of life (CHORUS) So goodbye for now And I'll see you again Some way, somehow When it's my turn To go to the other side I'll hold you again And melt at your smile Now all I have Are the ones that I'm with And you taught me not To take for granted The time that we have To show that we care Speak into their minds And their hearts While their here And say I love you (Chorus)
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