Текст песни Woe, Is Me - F.Y.I.

Жанр: Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: Woe, Is Me
Альбом: Genesi[s]
Длительность: 02:22
Рейтинг: 1046
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Загрузил: Cvitoi


With the devil on my back and God in my heart I used the hands that built you up to fucking rip you apart You turned the whole world against us Filled their heads with doubt But there’s just one small thing you forgot about That on the other side of heaven there’s always a hell And that’s one fucking place I know all too well So I’ll pick up a pen and from beginning to end I’ll write the three words we will defend: Follow your dreams Go! Don’t give in To all the lies that they fed you And everything they said about me Just to deceive you So let me ask you Why would I give a fuck? So sit back, enjoy the show There’s just a few things I think you should know Like how your sticks and stones Won’t break these bones Or seize the throne Because I’m the man of steel So before you place the blame on anyone else Why don’t you take a step back and fucking start with yourself? We never gave up We never gave in We never gave up on you So don’t give up on me!
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