Текст песни Aeternam - Moongod

Жанр: Death Metal / Symphonic Metal / Oriental Metal
Исполнитель: Aeternam
Альбом: Moongod
Длительность: 05:41
Рейтинг: 1226
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Загрузил: DIM69


Progenies of the holy tribe Governors of the horizon Prophecies has now revealed The coming of the almighty savior Invading the lands of the infidels Spreading the word of their lord Assimilating all their heritage Destroying all their holy idols Disciples of the lunar kingdom Warriors of thy liberty Their devotion is greater than their beliefs Fear is not a part of their daily battle The Lord is guiding their fate Defying the hordes of the sun Lighting the fire on the world Launching their terror, butchering the nations Their only god Allah remains Crawling on the lands This falling kingdom of God is becoming the sands Of this barren desert that witnessed the birth Of your own loss Extoler of Arabian deities Behold the demise of your lineage Deliver your kind from this enchaining grave And rise from the ruins of history Illusion of God is no more The era of slavery has come to end The essence of man is the only path to reach The ultimate illumination
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