Текст песни Nas - Favor For A Favor (feat. Scarface)

I Am...
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Nas
Альбом: I Am...
Длительность: 04:07
Рейтинг: 2153
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Загрузил: Partizan


[Scarface] Yo Nas.. I don't think they wanna FUCK with this Gangsta shit.. fo' sho' ("Danger.. danger..") Check it out It's on, and once again I bring niggaz the rough Fuckin with us, that get you motherfuckers touched Hit in the darkest alleys, where the super sports Rally Beatin up the block, leavin these motherfuckers shot They ain't ready for the Nakamici I flip this shit like I'm Kamaneze Now dey a motherfuckin see me They try to breeze me, but I got niggaz in New York comin kama-kize, sparkin this shit that keep me off the heezee Jay-Hovah, he with my man came over to scoop me, blowin dukey, in the black Range Rover Nasir, tell these motherfuckers what we came for Tell these niggaz why we here [Nas] Nuttin but the New York to Texas connection Nuttin but some real shit, what y'all expected Spaz out, some times dreamin, think I'm awoke Harsh realities of life, hit me after I smoke Money satisfy half of my mood, then there's a part of me that's distant, quiet, the most dangerous side of me I'm twisted like, Dr. Death, Kevorkian Flip shit, white gun handle, made of porcelain My, Houston niggaz, come through for niggaz Scarface get a call and we shootin niggaz Favor, for a favor, that's how we do business Tryin to make future figures, we two of the illest, what? [Chorus: Nas] You wet who I want wetted, I'll wet who you want wetted Any nigga can get it (a favor for a favor) [3X] I'll wet who you want wetted, you wet who I want wetted Any nigga can get it [Scarface] You say you got a problem? Then tell a nigga where he at So I can study his motions and peel his motherfuckin cap Where his brother go to school at? Find out some more information bout that bitch and hit a nigga right back Cause when it come down to the come down; I'ma pull the motherfuckin plug on him Walk up to his face and then gone Set a example, send these hoes a little message: They need to be more careful who they mess with, don't even stress it Leaded, I pull these capers all the time With the ugliest AK, I blow his motherfuckin mind Him and whoever standin by, I'll tell these niggaz, "Let's go" And then we fin' to ride, and he fin' to die He fin' to die, throwin up his own blood With a slug in his motherfuckin mug I do this outta love, cause your money ain't no good here Just consider that as favor, until I need a favor [Chorus] [Nas] A killer code, secret untold, how we bury beef with a rose To his wake we send a wreath that explodes Beneath us sleep with the Reaper, they sleep eyes closed That's how real Brad Jordan keep it, to him I owe Five fo-fo's ready, five masks, five machetes Attack em like Freddie, then we toastin over spaghetti I share withcha drama, you share with mine That's how we killin two birds at the same time Send my enemy's ear, I'll send your enemy's finger with a pinkie ring, that's just a present my nigga Either way the heat is grave, fuck with 'Face we bring war Either, you feel these bullets or the Texas chainsaw Not for popularity reasons, but for the love of the art And you my heart, I leave casualties bleedin Cause we keep it death for a death, life for a life Murder for a murder, and I got you it's vice versa [Chorus] (A favor for a favor) [3X]
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