Текст песни 2Pac - Unconditional Love

Greatest Hits [2CDs]
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Gangsta Rap
Исполнитель: 2Pac
Альбом: Greatest Hits [2CDs]
Длительность: 04:00
Рейтинг: 2426
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Загрузил: Partizan


Перевод Песни 2Pac - Unconditional Love Оригинал: (Whatay'all Want) Unconditional love, (No Doubt) I'm talking bout the stuff that don't wear off It don't fade Love is gonna last for all these crazy days These crazy nights Whether you wrong or right I'ma still love you Still feel you (can you feel me?) Unconditional No matter what Hehe... You'll always be in my heart, with unconditional love Come listen to my truest thoughts My truest feelings All my peers Doing years Beyond drug dealing How many caskets can we witness? Before we see it's hard to live this life without God So we must ask forgiveness Ask mama why I got this urge to die Witness the tears falling free from her eyes Before she could reply Though we were born without a silver spoon My broken-down TV Show cartoons in my living room (hey) One day I hope to make it A player in this game Mama, don't cry Long as we try Maybe things change Perhaps it's just a fantasy A life where we don't need no welfare wish Without our family Maybe it's me that cause it The fighting and the hurting In my room crying 'Cause I didn't wanna be a burden Watch mamma open up her arms to hug me And I ain't worried 'bout a damn thing With unconditional love Chorus x2: 'Cause this game lessons in your eyes to see Though things change The future's still inside of me We must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark So you will always be in my heart With unconditional love Just got the message You been calling all week Been out, been here hustling on the streets (You know how it is ... you know) Ain't had a chance to speak But you know, With you and me It's all a G We can never be enemies (naa man) 'Cause you been such a good friend to me Where would I be without my dogs No one to ride with When the times get hard 'Cause it ain't easy beeing who we are Driven by my ambitions Desire, hire positions So I proceed to make g's Eternaly And my mission is to be more than just a rap musician The elevation of todays generation If I could make 'em listen Prison ain't what we need No longer stuck in greed Time to plan, strategize My family's gotta eat Trying to make sumptin out of nuttin No pleasure in this suffering neighboorhood Would it be good If they could cut out all the bustin The liqour and the weed to cussing Sending love out to my block The struggle never stops Chorus x2 I'll probably never understand your ways With every day I swear I hear you trying to change your ways While getting paid At the same time Just had a baby with the same mind Something inside Please let me die These are strange times How come I never made it? Baby, it's the way I played it in my heart I know one day I gotta be a star My hopes and all my wishes So many vivid pictures And all the currency I never even get to see This fast life soon shatters 'Cause after all the lights and screams Nothing but my, dreams, matter Hoping for better days Maybe a peaceful mind Baby, don't cry 'Cause everything gonna be alright Just lay your head on my shoulder Don't worry 'bout a thang Baby girl, I'm a soldier Huh... Never treated me bad No matter who I was You still came with that Unconditional love Перевод: (Все что надо) Безграничная любовь, (Без сомнения) Я говорю о вещах, которые не проходят, Они вечны. Любовь ведет нас сквозь эти безумные дни, Эти сумасшедшие ночи... Прав я или нет, Я все еще люблю тебя, Все еще понимаю тебя. (ты чувствуешь?) Безоговорочно, Несмотря ни на что. Ты всегда будешь в моем сердце, Полном безграничной любви... Узнай мои
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