Текст песни 2pac ft. Outlawz - Hell 4 A Hustler

Still I Rise
Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: 2pac ft. Outlawz
Альбом: Still I Rise
Длительность: 04:56
Рейтинг: 2903
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Загрузил: Partizan


[2Pac] Get on yo' knees nigga Get on yo' knees and pray Huh, increase the doses, bustin whoever closest Thug livin, hell or prison, never losin my focus I'm makin money moves mandatory In a discussion my past records tell a story Picture niggaz we rushin and still bustin til the cops come runnin, duck in abandoned buildings Ditchin my gun, homeboy the motherfuckin villain I live the lifestyles of drug dealers, but now legitless So I laugh til I'm cryin, when the law come get me No baby momma drama, nigga miss me, why plant seeds in a dirty bitch, waitin to trick me, not the life for me Livin carefree, til I'm buried - and if they dare me I'm bustin on niggaz until they scurry, I'm clearly a man of military means in my artillery Watchin over me through every murder scene From adolescence, to my early teens, thought we was gonna die Sellin dope to all the fiends, at times I wanna cry And still, we try to change the past, in vain Never knowin if this game'll last, feelin ashamed of cocaine, the product of the devil, am I sellin my soul? Got tired of small time livin, niggaz tellin me no I got MINE, FUCK THEM OTHER SUCKERS, that's the mentality Jealous-ass bustaz, make it hell for us Chorus: 2Pac (and harmonizing vocals) *repeat 2X* Lord, help me change my ways Show a little mercy on judgment day It ain't me, I was raised this way I never let em play me for a busta, make it hell 4 a hustler [E.D.I. Amin] Now in these last days and times I takes mines so serious Gotta get that paper quickly and escape the sickness If I fail, then I suffer, bein broke is hell 4 a hustler So I stay strugglin and jugglin with all the might I can muster Since a youngster, been money hungry, moved in One's five's and ten's was funny money So I sets my sights bigger, four figures or mo' Real nigga fo' sho', out in the cold for dough What you thought? War is war, lost homies in plenty battles Last two years shed plenty tears, and I'll send plenty at you Let me catch you slippin, you soft niggaz is outta here In case you forgot, we on the same shit that got us here [Young Noble] Yo, to every step I take, every foul I make Every jail I break, every mill' I ate Head to head, whoever hustle hardest On the block duckin charges, nigga fuck the sergeant He got a job, all my bottles got a pinch of coke Listen tho' I'm missin dough I gotta gather mo' Hell naw, dead blocks with red tops but now a nigga sell words for all my young thugs in jail in Jerz They made it hell 4 a hustler, I bails high as fuck son Dyin luck none supply us with much guns I buck one, just to let you know that I can touch ya Slangin cracks or raps, still hell 4 a hustler Chorus [2Pac] No insanity plea for me, I ride the beef til I burn Censor me and void your kids from the lessons I've learned And in turn I'm hostile guess you could call me anti-social Niggaz shakin like they caught the holy ghost when I approach em Try to politic, before I smoke em, like Sun Zu Niggaz do unto these snitches, before it's done to you And if the cops come arrest me in the evening best believe they comin for my dogs in the mornin And if I die by a slug, the death of a true thug Tell me will my niggaz mourn me? Gettin blowed out High, watch me murder the bird, before he testify Strikes, walkin close to my third, I live a trouble life And if you dream be a part of my team From Long Beach to Queens, drug dealers to ex-fiends Keep yo' eyes on the prize, nigga watch for bustaz Either heaven or jail, it's still hell 4 a hustler Chorus [2Pac] This is how we ride Not knowin if we'll live or die Catch me rollin with my motherfuckin guns on the side In case of drama, I'm the first to break wild til they all di
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