Текст песни Nazareth - Just Another Heartache (alternate version)

Жанр: Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Nazareth
Альбом: Cinema
Длительность: 06:00
Рейтинг: 2926
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Загрузил: 19AltMan89


Who took the smile out of your face Who put the tears and sadness in it's place Who took the sun out of your sky Don't turn around or ask for reasons why No place to run, nowhere to hide It's just another love turned bad Some smoke that's gettin' in your eyes It's just another heartache,just another heartache Just another hurt to take Another bridge for you to cross It's nothing but a heartache, nothing but a heartache Just another big mistake Another game you have lost It ain't nothing but a heartache Always wore your heart out on your sleeve You said you'd always cared and needed to believe There comes a time to give, there comes a time to take But a sentimental heart will be the first to break Don't try to run Don't try to hide It's just another love turned bad Some smoke that's clouded up your eyes. (manny charlton) Publishing copyright: elgin music Copyright 1986 nazareth (dunfermline) ltd., dunfermline Read more: Nazareth - Just Another Heartache Lyrics | MetroLyrics
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