Текст песни Thy Art Is Murder - Infinite Forms

Жанр: Deathcore
Исполнитель: Thy Art Is Murder
Альбом: Hate
Длительность: 04:32
Рейтинг: 2503
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Tommy-and-L22


I am the everlasting prophet of destruction I walk the earth I stalk my prey I seek my vengeance Like filthy plagues you flee my grasp and seek my shelter Infinite forms your weakness crumbles to my power You are the parasites , Your time to decay You recoil from my face, my form my ever present being Fearful of my gaze you grasp for something true, no false idols no wretched priests to cast away My everlasting tyranny PLAGUES!!!! I pull the space around this vessel for your LIFE the only essence of my being, I rip thought time to seek the origins of you this worthless attempt at humanity I despise CHORUS I am the prophet , I am the abyss , don't fee my immortal disease you will fear my gaze I am the infinite I've come for you destruction your obsolete inferior in form and mind I stretched the time across the universe to search for you where you hide I'll discover for your servitude I am the finite one I've come for your instruction, irrelevant in immortality I shake the earth it bends, it breaks for me the chiral symmetry I am the prophet I am the abyss don't fear my immortal disease you will fear my gaze
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