Текст песни Tech N9ne - Why?

The Worst
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Альбом: The Worst
Длительность: 04:12
Рейтинг: 348
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Загрузил: T-Killaz


[Tech N9ne] To whom it may concern... [Chorus] Why you ain't call me? You know I'm the hardest, you know that my art is applauded Why you ain't call me? I'm not broken-hearted, but I couldv'e been old when I started Why you ain't call me? You know I'm the hardest, you know that my art is applauded Why you ain't call me? You sleep on my music and that's a damn shame 'cause I slam my bang [Verse 1] I've been inside every hip-hop circle you could imagine Gangster or Pop, even backpackers know that I'm real good at rappin' I was strugglin' back in the day when my hood was lackin' yo so I'm 'bout to talk about what shoulda, woulda and coulda happened If music was about inovatin' and penetratin' generations by generatin' musical intergration It wouldn't be about limitation and demonstration imitation within a blatant looks just disentigratin' It ain't about the music, it's just about the fame If you ain't popular homie, then you just out the game If video and radio don't frequently announce your name They don't know your music even though you blow most out the frame But a closed mouth don't get fed when it stays shut Lay cuts with Tecca Nina 'cause he can straight bust Say what? You ain't heard of me gettin' paid bucks? Torrent y'all see me rippin' the stage up [Chorus] [Verse 2] I've been on tour with Hov, 'bout 27 shows Why he ain't have me on a record only heaven knows Maybe he missed us, missin' the big picture that this is a fixture, aw yeah, he got Twista! Well Twista's my homie and we both from the Midwest and I guess Hov ain't lookin' for another speedy rapper kid yet Me collaboratin' with them was all in me dreams Matter fact the only one of 'em called me was Beens He told me he played you The Industry Is Punks and you loved it so you know Tech is what the industry would want I started down at the bottom, got with TOG and then it payed but I wouldv'e loved to been on the third verse of Renegade They must think I'm a stick of dynamite with no stem That's probably why I got D12 but no Em! But I burst flame and I bet that y'all know my first name 'cause I'm the hardest this side of Earth mane [Chorus] [Verse 3] This ain't no hate-mail, this a love letter I love you niggas' music and I hope is does better I just wish you woulda hit a brother that love cheddar but I'm ballin' now and I'm better than I was EVER Space age flows like Jesse and Primrose Tin-fold, I used to open-up, now I end shows Grim road, when you one of the best with slim dough and you ain't got Dre, Storch, Pharrell and no Timbo I've met almost half of the DTP but the couple times I spoke to Luda, don't think he see me Had never met I-20 but he spoke at BET Shawnna love me, Field Mob and Chingy decently speak me So I'ma re-inaurate the game, it's all fame and you don't get no play if you an emcee with a small name If I wanna get on TV I guess I gotta call Pain and Nelly, my great-grandmother's name is Maud Haynes [Hook] Maybe I'm trippin', full of delusion Maybe it come from all the drugs I was usin' Maybe I am the best thing that you ever saw Maybe I'm wrong and you don't know me at all I guess I'm blinded, I got reminded that none of you just will ever know who the N9ne is and you never heard of the homie from the Show-me PUNK THAT! I know you niggas know me [Chorus x2]
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