Текст песни ASAP Rocky - Grippin' Woodgrain (Feat. Seth Narley)

Forever A$AP
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ASAP Rocky
Альбом: Forever A$AP
Длительность: 04:21
Рейтинг: 285
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: bo4ugova


- Hook - Smokin killa gripin grain Out my mind I'm so insane Finest fabrics on my back Bally kicks bergin jeans (x2) - Verse 1: Seth Narley - Smokin killa gripin grain Out my mind I'm so insane Finest fabrics on my back Bally kicks bergin jeans Clean with a dirty slang Catch me with a boney thang Louis vioutton everything Engaged with no weddin ring Type of woman I attract Cheetah print all on her back Sexy motherfuckers you Love how you be switchin that LA by way of New York She tell me she love my talk I tell her I love her walk The way she ball without a court Got me bout to set it off Hit a bank up like Latifa Yeah that type'll set it off Favorite show the commodores Mines is more like entourage I be playin Vinny Chase And mama get her sasha on Cuttin till the break of dawn Then I'm off on the road Probably to another show Different city newer clothes Different ho a different stroke Fuck you mean? I'm Narley joe My old head put my on the game Keep it pimpin never fall So I spit it here let's go - Hook - - Verse 2: ASAP Rocky - I do the Raf Simons she ain't even heard of it The situation lookin flakier than ????? Condo out in Jersey I ain't even furnished yet Thats a sub-lease that lease ain't even permanent ASAP tattoos on a nigga permanent Long hair nigga might just throw a perm in it Mazarati rockin catch a nigga swervin in it I'm movin fast you can't catch up to my turbulence Smokin lemon kush oh yeah I'm eatin good I see the lemon porsche and ima leave for good That lil mama lookin she heard I eat it good They call my hollywood but ima keep it hood Na na now I came down south Niggas know I keep it bangin ?????? Keep the wood ring I'm slangin Fos and tippin nothin different And we on that codeine Promezthezine the same thing And that make my nose bleed - Hook - Tippin on fos ridin real slow Everywhere we go them hoes wanna know Who we are we are them ASAP boys
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